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Payment Successfully

Started by PTC-Demo 2018-01-19 at 13:11
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I just received my first payment and I must saying that I want to thank PTC-BuxClix and good

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PTC-BuxClix Admin
PTC-BuxClix Admin
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Hi Sheverja

PTC-BuxClix, want welcome to our Forum, and we are sorry to inform you that, your banner link has been removed, because we don't support that you post a banner link in our Forum and for you to post a banner link we advice you to enter in your account by used Advertise Panel, and the only thing you can post in the Forum here is our Payment Proof, and give your comment, and also your consultation if you have any problem we advice you to open a support ticket

Thank you for understand us
Please read the message posted the top of you
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PTC-BuxClix Admin
PTC-BuxClix Admin
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Hi Bamhout

Your banner has been remove and we advice you read the top post on you

Than you
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Free Plan
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Hola Admin por que para poder retirar por payeer se debe deposotar 20 dolares? esta pagina es legitima o scam?

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