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How to earn more profit

Started by PTC-BuxClix Admin 2018-03-31 at 20:48
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PTC-BuxClix Admin
PTC-BuxClix Admin
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We are been received a lot of question from 90% of all of our members and been asking how they can earn more income profit, we decide to share to all of you, the secret is that just follow this steps and it would benefit for you to earn more income and profit from our site

1, Have to click the advertisement in regular

2, Upgrade your account to any one of the Account Upgrade Plan

3, Get more referrals either you Buy or Rent Referral, and posted your referral link to other website user to signup by your link

4, Your can earn from Revenue Shares, which is most weapon can generate more income for you in daily

5, Get access or use our AutoSurf, when it comes to views advertisement this option can generate extra income for you, which is that it will give you more points and for you to convert for cash or you can keep your points and get a good position of our Points Contest Prizes and possible you win
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