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Started by PTC-BuxClix Admin 2018-06-07 at 12:23
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Hello Member

We created another Category of Adevertisement call Monitor PTC / Trusted Admin Advertisement, and if you have any Admin or trusted any PTC Admin you can post your Referral link in this category and it can help you to get the direct referral. And there is intructed on that and must respected it, and follow that when you post Ads we will delete it.

Here is the instruction and condition when you about to post advertisement Monitor PTC / Trusted Admin Advertisement

Please follow this steps go to Advertise Panel -> Select the Paid To Click Ads -> Click to create one

The Title : website name + (Trusted Admin)
Subtitle ; Earn with + website name
Provide the URL of the website
Image URL ; Do Not add it
Ad Value Credit; Select $0.0025 Per Click 10 second

Note; follow rest of the instruction provide on the page and complete. Without follow above step your ads will be automatically going to deleted

WARNING; Do not post text like Scam but rather this category is only for Trusted Admin


Thank for your confidence in PTC-BuxClix and feel free to contact us if you have any question And we are always with you

(Service of Paid To Click & Advertising)
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