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Standard 30DR and 15RR

Started by lynptc1990 2018-03-13 at 18:11
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Free Plan
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Received: $493.0500
Balance: $19.3194
Referrals: 0
My 15 RR avg

March 13: 15/42
March 14: 15/108
Premium Plan
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That is nice and I am happy for you and I must saying that I hope you're enjoy the system
PTC-BuxClix Admin
PTC-BuxClix Admin
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Hello filippp777

If you have a problem on your Referral I am advice you to open the Support Ticket for we to check it for you because when you Rent / Buy Referrals you have guarantee.


Thank for your confidence in PTC-BuxClix and feel free to contact us if you have any question And we are always with you

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