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Reward of Purchase Referral

Started by PTC-BuxClix Admin 2019-01-04 at 10:05
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PTC-BuxClix Admin
PTC-BuxClix Admin
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Hello PTC-BuxClix Members

When you purchase on the follow referral package you will be reward discount of percentage and this discount is a CASH and it will go straight into your Account Main Balance. The process of the discount percentage amount reward is a manual process and once you complete purchase open the Support Ticket and claim your reward

Here is the percentage of referrals package when you purchase

- 50 Referrals = 5%
- 60 Referrals = 7%
- 70 Referrals = 8%
- 80 Referrals = 9%
- 90 Referrals = 10%
- 100 Referrals = 12%

Note; Before you purchase you can take a minute and read our Terms Of Service N° 5.4.1.

And if you have any question just feel free to contact us


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