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Special Packages Promotion

Started by PTC-BuxClix Admin 2018-03-17 at 11:16
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PTC-BuxClix Admin
PTC-BuxClix Admin
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Hi PTC-BuxClix Members!

PTC-BuxClix, Want wishes all you a very good weekend, and since we're thinking all of you we just come with very impressive promotion for the follow packages

1, Purchase Medio Package from -> Advertise -> Special Packages, And the 10% discount with this code; (SPECIALPACKAGES-MEDIO-10%), this inclde Membership Plan

2, Purchase Largar Package from -> Advertise -> Special Packages, And the 15% discount with this code (SPECIALPACKAGES-LARGE-15%), This included Membership Plan

Note; And the promotion is manuel setup, Because of that, you can purchase directly and reclaim your percentage with the code or contact us before to make the purchase, and also you can choose where you want to have your percentage either we should add it in your main Account Balance / Purchase Balance. And this promotion will expire on the 31/03/2018, grave it now before it is too late

Once again have very goo weekend all of PTC-BuxClix Members, and we're always with you
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