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Withdraw Peniding
Published on 23-02-2020

Hello Dear Users

We are sorry to bring you this news late, and which is regards on all pending withdraw, and we must saying that, we're pause the payment in last few days and the reason is that for us to have a time to review some payment which is incorrect payment and includ other thing of our Staff Issue.

And we will release the payment again from 1st March, and any one have a withdraw pending we will guaranteed you and shouldn't worring and just expecting your pending withdraw as already mention it above

If you have any question just go to Support Page and submit your request


Thank you for understand us


PTC-BuxClix Staff

Published on 03-01-2020



(Service of eWallet & Merchant Payment)


Is a new payment processor we added in our system and you can withdraw funds and upgarde your account with it. With PAY-ePAY  payment you can pay with your Debit / MasterCard / VISA and also pay with several Crypto Currency or Coins

And how to use it our system?,

> By Deposit with PAY-ePAY, just go to the Add Funds Page and is available there

> By Upgrade your account with PAY-ePAY, Just go to Upgrade Page is available there

And you can get your account either Personal / Merchant and if you don't don't have just follow their website URL link; and your account now


PTC-BuxClix Staff

Attack & Pending Withdraw
Published on 03-12-2019

Hello Dear Member

We would to inform all of you that we detecting we getting some attack from PROXY / Hacker and all of you been warning any one been court used Proxy Connect to visiti our website you're account will be automatically be suspened and possible it can lead you to get your account termine

Regards of the attacker because of the we make some changes and it effect some withdraw and get refund, and if you notice you withdraw refund you souldn't worry and you request withdraw when you withdraw time is up, and once we get we will review and process

Every one is been montitor

Thank you for understand us we're working hard to protect our service and as well as to protect all the member as well

PTC-BuxClix Staff

Referrals Related Inactive Account
Published on 17-11-2019

Hello Dear Users

We would like to inform all of you that any account got inactive all that account his/her Direct / Rental Referral will deleted. And you to avoid that make sure that you will keep your account active by login into your account requlary at least 2-3 times a month


Thank you for understand us


PTC-BuxClix Staff 

Updated of Terms Of Service
Published on 03-08-2019

Hello Members

We are happy to inform you that, we had updated the our Terms Of Service and we advice all of you that just take a minute to read Terms Of Service N° 4.6. which is it been added

Thank you and best regards


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