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Reward of Referral Purchase
Published on 27-01-2019

When you purchase on the follow referral package you will be reward discount of percentage and this discount is a CASH and it will go straight into your Account Main Balance. The process of the discount percentage amount reward is a manual process and once you complete purchase open the Support Ticket and claim your reward

Here is the percentage of referrals package when you purchase

- 50 Referrals = 5%
- 60 Referrals = 7%
- 70 Referrals = 8%
- 80 Referrals = 9%
- 90 Referrals = 10%
- 100 Referrals = 12%

Note; Before you purcahse you can take a minute and read our Terms Of Service N° 5.4.1.

And if you have any question just feel free to contact us

PTC-BuxClix Staff

Error Server
Published on 17-01-2019

Hello membre

We are facing DDoS attack and because that website is not function we how we want for the more than 24 hours. And get full function of the website is obligate to restore our database and because it effected the some option like withdraw pending. And if you find that your withdraw got refund you can re-cashout when it is available for you to cashout.

And as we're said we still analysis every point website is function well as usually but you can still keep on work and you see there's any interruption on the website don't because we're in progress and fixed things out possible we need to the DNS NameServer


And if you any question just contact via Live Support / Support Ticket


PTC-BuxClix Staff

Make Video and get cash and points
Published on 04-01-2019

Hello Dear Members

We have special edition for and which would help you to earn more income

Make a video about PTC-BuxClix and get Cash and point

This is another chances for you earn more from PTC-BuxClix.

When you make a video in your language about our website and post to YouTube or any place of website you can post a video and for you to get Special Gift for you. And after you make the video and post into YouTube open the support ticket with the URL Link and for you to claime your reward of 5$ + 100 points

f you do or do a Video for following website you received reward of 5$ + 100 points for each

1, This reward of 5$ + 100 Points for this website;

2, This reward of 5$ + 100 Points for this website;

3, This reward of 5$ + 100 Points for this website;


Note: if you speak different language you can do it with and each language of the video you will his received reward mention above

Thank for your confidence in PTC-BuxClix and feel free to contact us if you have any question And we are always with you

Client Support Department

(Service of Paid To Click & Advertising)

New Earn Site Official Launching
Published on 22-12-2018

Earn with PTC-CashLink-Ads

Hello PTC-BuxClix Member

We excited to inform you that we had just official lunching another PTC Earn site as know as PTC-CashLink-Ads, with this site you can earn from PTC Clix, PTV, GPT, PTP, Advertising, Just visit and get your account now and started earning there also and we advise that you shouldn't worry that since is lunching or a new site while is the same Admin to Since we're always thinking about our members that is obligate us to work very hard to provide best and good service to our members as well

Vist PTC-CashLink-Ads and get your account by follow this link ->

Thanks to our others departement are;

- Web-Hosting Service, Daily-Web-Hosting ->

- Currency Exchange Service, e-Currency-Exchange Cash ->

- Classifieds Advertising Service, Daily-Classifieds ->

- Phones Service, Mobilelogitec ;

Feel fre to contact us if you have any question, and also thank for all of your collaboration always been have confidence in PTC-BuxClix



Admin & Stasff

PayPal Payment
Published on 20-12-2018

Hello Member


Sorry to inform you that the invest with PayPal not available at the moment due to PayPal has holding our account for investigate and we try to find out to know the reason


Thank you for understand us and we will make it available once the problem has been ressolve Protection Status