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Contacting Us Your Request Of Help
Published on 09-06-2019

Hello Dear Member

We would like to inform all of you that, To contacting us by  used Support Ticket you have to login in your account first and before you can open Support Ticket.

And if you don't want to login your account and to open Support Ticket then contact us by used our email address that can find at the botton of the page


Thank you and regards


PTC-BuxClix Staff

Attack & Hacker
Published on 04-05-2019

Hello Dear Member

We would to inform all of you that we detecting we getting some attack from PROXY / Hacker and all of you been warning any one been court used Proxy Connect to visiti  our website you're account will be automatically be suspened and possible it can lead you to get your account termine

Every one is been montitor

Thank you for understand us we're working hard to protect our service and as well as to protect all the member as well

PTC-BuxClix Staff

Modification Withdraw & Deposit
Published on 16-04-2019

Dear Members

We happy to inform all of you that

> Withdraw by Payeer and Perfect Money is now available to withdraw, and we strong recomment you that, before to request withdraw make sure that you read the follow modification very well and otherwise your withdraw will be automatically going to denied 


And also we want to inform you that, And we want to make some channge of the follow options


  • The minimum withdraw it will be increase so that you can able to withdraw little more

Modification 2,

  • Free Members they are already deposited for their verified of withdraw processors, if you're already deposited for Free Membres 5 times of withdraw and Add Funds, and received or get a paid of 2 or more than 2 you have to re-deposit before you can request withdraw from on 14th / 15th April otherwise your withdraw it will be refund 

Modification 3,

  • Free Members they are already deposited for their verified of withdraw processors, if you're already deposited of your first time, and you're not yet received your first payment of you need to re-deposit of minimum 5$ before you can request withdraw from on the 14th / 15th April, And this minimum of deposit is manual and this case contact us or you chose deposit via Add Funds page

Modification 4,

  • Free Members, Of every 5 time withdraw and Add Funds it will be change to; Every 3 time withdraw Add Funds and is changed and and also the minimum deposit will be increase because I will refer you to read, Modication N° 1,

Thank you for understand, and if you have any question just contact us and because you problem is our concern and we happy to exist you


Thank you and best regars


PTC-BuxClix Team

Reward of Referral Purchase
Published on 27-01-2019

When you purchase on the follow referral package you will be reward discount of percentage and this discount is a CASH and it will go straight into your Account Main Balance. The process of the discount percentage amount reward is a manual process and once you complete purchase open the Support Ticket and claim your reward

Here is the percentage of referrals package when you purchase

- 50 Referrals = 5%
- 60 Referrals = 7%
- 70 Referrals = 8%
- 80 Referrals = 9%
- 90 Referrals = 10%
- 100 Referrals = 12%

Note; Before you purcahse you can take a minute and read our Terms Of Service N° 5.4.1.

And if you have any question just feel free to contact us

PTC-BuxClix Staff

Error Server
Published on 17-01-2019

Hello membre

We are facing DDoS attack and because that website is not function we how we want for the more than 24 hours. And get full function of the website is obligate to restore our database and because it effected the some option like withdraw pending. And if you find that your withdraw got refund you can re-cashout when it is available for you to cashout.

And as we're said we still analysis every point website is function well as usually but you can still keep on work and you see there's any interruption on the website don't because we're in progress and fixed things out possible we need to the DNS NameServer


And if you any question just contact via Live Support / Support Ticket


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